NBA 2K14 PS4 My Team – The Dr. J Clinic


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NBA 2K14 PS4 My Team – Jordan’s Real Debut

0:22 Jordan to Kobe Oop
0:57 West to Jordan Oop
2:00 Dr. J spin jumper
2:45 Another lob to Kobe
3:44 Dr. J won’t give up
5:02 Air Jordan, then Dr. J And1
5:44 Jordan does Dr. J style layup
6:18 Lob to Dr. J
7:02 Another reverse double clutch slam

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  1. by Troy on July 10, 2014  10:52 pm Reply

    u should have players that played in movies

  2. by Troy on July 10, 2014  10:49 pm Reply

    thanks for leaving a smoove move

  3. by Troy on July 10, 2014  10:48 pm Reply

    my 10 year old brother loves u

  4. by da bomb on January 12, 2014  11:00 pm Reply

    get the dream

    • by garth on January 14, 2014  12:08 am Reply

      your website is to slow

  5. by Digguh on January 12, 2014  12:34 am Reply

    man i love my team and career im always hyped for a new video!! try and get lebron and run him as your point guard kobe at the 2 jordan sf but make lebrons matchup with the sf on the defensive end thatd be dope. just an idea your the pro tho so u know what direction u want the team to go

  6. by Matthew on January 11, 2014  11:07 pm Reply

    hey smoove, what beat do you use when you dunk? (not the lob city music)

  7. by matt on January 11, 2014  7:53 pm Reply

    You know dr
    . j can make it splash

  8. by Cam Copeland on January 11, 2014  1:39 pm Reply

    You should get Gerald Green. #LobCity

  9. by dylan on January 11, 2014  12:53 pm Reply

    yeah get Iverson hes the man

  10. by Zacch on January 11, 2014  12:10 pm Reply

    Hey Chris is Allen Iverson in next gen? I'm just waiting for you to get em

  11. by Smoovest on January 11, 2014  9:16 am Reply

    I think it's the old Dr.J with the young usually it's a murdeeerrr in the paint.

  12. by Clint Alvin on January 11, 2014  6:35 am Reply

    Laker fans are lovin it Smoove :D

  13. by Ezra Bayewitz on January 11, 2014  12:13 am Reply

    you gotta get damian lillard and kevin durant kinda players

  14. by Michael mungin on January 10, 2014  10:45 pm Reply

    Try and gets Allen iverson then put Kobe on bench and have ai and mj work together

  15. by Ronnie2k on January 10, 2014  9:04 pm Reply

    Good game

  16. by James.M on January 10, 2014  6:42 pm Reply

    The epic dunk music could be the modern equivalent of Bill Conti's orchestral piece for Rocky. It is the best type of music to get someone hype. LOVE THAT BEAT.