NBA 2K14 PS4 My Career – Rumors



New My Career will be out tomorrow. Maybe even a My Team video!

1:44 Perfect floater
2:57 Iggy injured
3:15 Green one handed catch lob
4:18 Bad switch SPLASH
5:27 Hockey assist
6:06 They forget about me SPLASH
6:46 Poster and1
7:38 Popcorn worthy ending

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NBA 2K14 PS4 My Career – Bench Suspense!

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  1. by Chelony on December 25, 2014  4:59 pm Reply


  2. by rafaeldaboss on November 11, 2014  7:23 pm Reply

    you are the best im your favorite fan keep it up

  3. by Jhood on March 7, 2014  12:07 am Reply

    Hey Chris how do u do that on YouTube like talk and everything on nba 2k14

    • by claudney on April 20, 2014  12:20 pm Reply

      i dont think so :)

  4. by aris on January 20, 2014  7:03 pm Reply

    what happened in overtime

  5. by benfay75 on January 16, 2014  3:27 pm Reply

    Chris what jumpshot do you use? Really need to know!

  6. by Jim on January 15, 2014  4:51 pm Reply

    Lovingg MyCareer series!!

  7. by Branden Ramos on December 30, 2013  9:59 pm Reply

    Smoove, you live in Miami?